Pentecost in Acts: Acts 15 Empowered to Live

The Jewish believers wanted the new non Jewish believers/ Gentiles to obey certain aspects of the law of Moses, mainly circumcision. The church leaders in Jerusalem had a meeting to discuss this. Peter once again how he had witnessed the Holy Spirit filling the Gentile believers as the believers were filled on Pentecost. Barnabas and Paul told the council of all the signs and wonders that occurred as they told the gospel to the Gentiles. Then James confirmed God’s will for Gentiles to know him by quoting scripture. The letter was then sent out to the Gentile believers.

The religious rules of the law were a burden no one could bear. We are saved, not by our good deeds, but by God’s grace! We are empowered to live by the Holy Spirit living within us. This is the Good News the Gentile believers embraced. This Good News is for us today!