You Still Make My Heart Go Boom Boom

It may sound a little corny, but it’s true. After 26 years together, I can’t imagine a more perfect match for me than my sweet husband. It’s the little moments, like last night, when we stopped at a convenience store to get a couple of diet root-beers to drink during our evening out. I hop back in our blue Charger that he bought for me as an upgrade from all the SUV’s and minivans I’ve dutifully driven for the past 18 years or so raising 4 kids, and he has “our song” playing on the stereo. The one that was in our wedding 26 years ago. “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams. (That’s going to date me. Lol).

At times I forget how much we have in common, Our music taste, our love for sushi, how we love to hold hands when we walk, etc. Then there’s those sparkly eyes. The first thing I noticed about him 26 years ago. They still sparkle whenever we catch each other’s glance. I’ve been one blessed girl. If there is one thing that I can say about our relationship it would be that I have been loved by him and I have been loved well. And that love has been a gift from God who has helped us to build our lives on Him together. A few more days and our 26th Anniversary will be marked. Thanks for doing life with me baby! You’re my dream come true, an answer to my prayers. I love you!

(Picture of us 26 years ago. A few days before we got married. He was such a hottie)

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