I just got back from a week of cabining (It’s like camping, but in a cabin) at a state park whose main attraction is trout fishing. I feel like if I were a computer my control, alt, delete buttons were pushed and I am getting a restart. It was so nice to get away. For a week, I looked less frequently at current events. For a week, I soaked in fresh air, sunshine, spring fed streams, beavers playing in the water as I waded along fly fishing. It was glorious. Cast after cast, listening to the water flow, and thankfulness coming off my lips with each little wonder I experienced. Then the nights of campfires, smores, hot caramel apple camp pies, roasted hot dogs, junk food galore, etc… definitely a reset from my usually diligent and watchful eye over each bite of food, something I need to dwell less on so I can enjoy life more.

I think a reset/ restart is probably the healthiest of things for me right now. I probably need a reset in more than one area. It’s easy to fill your life to the brim with activity, information, and commitments that bog your heart and your mind down. I’m fairly certain God didn’t mean it to be that way. That’s why He came up with new beginnings of salvation, mind renewal through the power of His word, and Sabbath rests from our own works and abilities, to mention a few of His spiritual reset buttons He has available for us to push, (explained in detail how to activate it in His Word). In fact, every morning He has a reset button that assures us that “His mercies begin afresh every morning.” Lamentations 3:22 NLT We can easily push that “reset” button with a fresh cup of coffee, Bible reading, and prayer.

Come to think of it, God’s “reset” button for my life is such a wonderful restart. From time to time, I may find myself looking way too much at all the junk that has been downloaded to my life. A reset button with God’s correct operating system is exactly what I need. Father “reset” the things that have gotten off track inside of me. So I can operate the way You would have me to with your Faith, Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.

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