Christmas in Luke (Day 8)

Today’s reading is Luke chapter 8.

This chapter is packed full of some of my favorite accounts of the miracles of Jesus. But in thinking about Christmas and the book of Luke, what sticks out the most to me in this chapter is Jesus’ parable of the seeds and the soil. (Vrs. 4-14)

The Christmas account of Jesus coming to us so we could come to God is like a seed. Our hearts are much like soil. Some hear the Christmas story only to think, “That’s nice…” never letting its true meaning into their heart.

Some receive with much gladness the Good News first proclaimed by Angels, “…a Savior has been born to you; He is the Messiah, the Lord.” (Luke 2:11) But never allowing the true meaning of Christmas to really take root and grow within their hearts. When hard times come they run to other sources for help, neglecting to look to the God who came to Help us.

Then there are those who embrace “God with us- Emmanuel”, but only for awhile. They know He is real but they allow all the worries of their lives, or riches, or pleasures to slowly squeeze out believing in God. Their belief is “choked out.”

Yet there are some who have heard the announcement, seen the light of His star and take it in, letting the seed of Jesus grow within. That kind of encounter with the Jesus of Christmas, the God who not only came to us but came to dwell within changes us! His Hope and Love pours out of us to all those around making known the true meaning of this Christmas season- Jesus came to our broken world, Jesus died for our sins, and Jesus lives victoriously in our lives- every day of the year. Let us give our hearts wholly to Him as good soil ready to receive Him gladly into every area of our lives this Christmas season and beyond.

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