Reflections on John 18:25-40: Who Is Your King?

During His arrest and trial, Jesus could have fought back. He had all the power and position to do that. He was innocent and without sin. He was and still is KING!

As Jesus stood before Pilate, the Roman governor, Pilate wanted to know what charges Jesus had against Him. The leaders simply said that they wouldn’t bring Him to Pilate if He wasn’t a criminal. They wanted the permission only granted by the Romans to execute Jesus. Pilate then stands face to face with Jesus and he asks Jesus a profound question, “Are you the king of the Jews?”

Pilate stood as many of us stand today, uncertain of what to do with Jesus. If Jesus is who He claims to be, that requires a response on our part. It required a response on Pilate’s part. No one comes in contact with Jesus without having to make a decision. The decision is whether or not to accept His kingship. Since Jesus is King (Sovereign, Supreme Authority), we encounter Him as King just as Pilate did, this is where the decision is made. Whose King is He? We can know He is a King. We can know He is over all. But do we live with Him as our own King? As ruler of all of our lives? Exactly who is Jesus king over?

Pilate rejected Jesus’s kingship. Pilate missed His face to face opportunity to finally know the truth, God. Do we reject that same opportunity given to us when we come to the question above?

Exactly who is Jesus King over? Is He King over you?

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