Pentecost in Acts: Acts 5:12-41 The Holy Spirit’s Witness

The apostles performed incredible miracles in the name of Jesus. The people knew the power of the Holy Spirit was within the followers of Jesus! They would lay their sick in their beds out on the streets so Peter’s shadow might touch them as he walked by. Crowds gathered bringing their sick and demon possessed to be prayed for. All were healed.

This made the religious leaders jealous. So they arrested the apostles again. This time an Angel set the apostles free. Now the religious leaders are very concerned. They wanted it stopped.

Peter and the apostles once again told the religious leaders that they crucified God’s Son, and in repentance, forgiveness of sins comes. Then they said:

“And we are witnesses to these things, and so is the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to those who obey him.”” Acts 5:32 ESV

It was the Holy Spirit within the apostles that gave them the power to be witnesses of Jesus! The Holy Spirit was a witness too! Their testimony evidenced by the miraculous was impossible to deny! Unless one chose to ignore the evidence and turn the other way.

The Holy Spirit longs to testify of Jesus within our lives as well! He wants to show a life changed and empowered by Himself to those around us! He wants to work within us to create what God intended for us to be all along, the image of God! He desires to display the miraculous!

That is the purpose of Pentecost all those years ago! The Holy Spirit within us, empowering us to be a witness- a living testimony of what God is like to the world. As we give ourselves to Him and ask for Him to fill us to overflowing, and we obey Him, we will be a display of the miraculous power and love of our Heavenly Father. Our lives, through the Spirit, will glorify Him!

Come Holy Spirit! Make us a witness, with You displaying the miraculous, as Peter and the apostles were over 2000 years ago!

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