Christmas in Luke (Day 5)

Today’s reading is Luke chapter 5.
From the announcement of Jesus birth by angels to the shepherds watching their flocks, to the events recorded in Chapter 5, people were drawn to Jesus. Who would not be? In Jesus presence a bad day of fishing turns into the largest catch of all; a man who is outcast with a deadly disease is healed and restored; a man who is paralyzed leaves carrying his mat, walking, and praising God; a hated tax collector who was labeled a sinner is now one of His Twelve.
The encounters of the people with Jesus are summed up in verse 26, “Everyone was amazed and gave praise to God. They were filled with awe and said, “We have seen remarkable things today.” These “remarkable things” still occur today! Jesus went to great lengths to make this a reality then and He makes this a reality now. He still works miracles, restores the broken, heals the sick, and forgives us of all our sins. And best of all He still draws us in. He calls to us to “Come.” As displayed in this chapter, there is NOTHING too big for Jesus! If you find yourself as the crowds did, following Jesus at a curious distance, not sure of what to think, let me testify, it is worth it to get closer to Him, listen to His voice, and to obey His commands. He still does “remarkable things”. He has done “remarkable things” in my own life!

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