Christmas in Luke (Day 4)

Today’s reading is Luke 4.
I would like to think I would believe in Jesus a little better than the people of His time, but I have struggled just like they did. With all the events surrounding His birth, the words spoken by Anna and Simeon at His dedication at the temple, the voice from heaven at His baptism and the Holy Spirit descending on Him like a dove, it would seem like a no brainer to believe. Still the people did not understand. Then today’s reading includes the passage of Jesus going to the synagogue. It just “so happens”that the days reading is from the prophet Isaiah, and it just “so happens” the words are a prophecy of Jesus, Himself. Jesus reads words that were precious to the hearers of His time and are still precious today. Jesus came to our world to “proclaim good news to the poor”-those who lack God’s riches in their life; “freedom for the prisoners” -caught in sin’s death, darkness, and destruction; “recovery of sight for the blind” -those who can’t see God’s goodness all around; “set the oppressed free”- those the enemy has beat up on all their lives. Jesus proclaimed “the year of the Lord’s favor.” And that favor goes on and on! Such hope for us who have struggled in our time! Jesus never changes. He is still setting captive free! Testify!

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