Christmas in Luke (Day 3)

(My niece sent me a challenge to read the book of Luke during the month of December. When I looked at the challenge, I was prompted to try to write a devotion for each chapter. These posts are the fruit of this challenge.)

Today we read Luke chapter 3. John the Baptist goes before Jesus. Luke says “the word of God came to John.” He tells the people to “Prepare the way for the Lord.” The way to “prepare the way” in their hearts was by repentance, turning from their sins and turning towards God. The people did not want to miss what was coming, Jesus Himself, by being wrapped up in all the sin and selfishness that entangled them from seeing Jesus for who He was and is today.

We have this command as well for our time, “prepare the way for the Lord.” We don’t want to miss what is coming! The baby born in a Bethlehem stable is now our Savior who longs to be born in our hearts. As we repent and turn from our sins, confessing them and then turning our hearts toward God telling Him we want ALL of Him in our lives, He comes. He comes with power to transform our lives. He give us His hope, His peace, and His joy!

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