Christmas in Luke (Day 1)

(My niece sent me a challenge to read the book of Luke during the month of December. When I looked at the challenge, I was prompted to try to write a devotion for each chapter. These posts are the fruit of this challenge.)

Today reading Luke 1.
There is so much good stuff in this chapter.
Jesus came to earth in a time of deep spiritual darkness. The Jewish people were being ruled by the oppressive Romans, and they longed for someone to deliver them from their oppressors. The prophets who used to speak to the nation the words of God had not been heard from in hundreds of years. Death, darkness, and destruction ruled…
Then all of a sudden a glimmer of hope appears. Visits by angels and announcements of miraculous pregnancies and births to occur. John the Baptist first- the one who would go before Jesus announcing His arrival, and then Jesus Himself.
Some reacted with unbelief. Some with Faith, Joy, and praise.
The stage is now set for the Hope of the World to enter.
May we react with the same faith, joy, and praise this Christmas season as we encounter Jesus as well through the book of Luke!

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